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Saturday, 7 August 2010

What's going on?

We've very nearly finished the recording, that's what's going on. This is great news. Just got some last mixing bits to do, get her mastered and she's done.

I've spent some time fannying about with artwork ideas today. Looks cool IIRC.

Since our last communication we done did some gigs. Boy George did I done did some driving. Here are some pictures of me picking Mike up:

Went to Brumingham and played at Off the Cuff. Really hot in the car again. Always seems to be hot in the car. Got ice creams at Thetford Sainsbury's. I bought an over-frozen white Magnum, the chocolate was chalky as a result. Uneventful journey, lots of Replacements I think. Listened to a Jerry Seinfeld set. Enjoyed that. Got to the event to find your Computers, your Holy State, your Tangly Hair, your fuck all tea at the venue, your pissdrunx Tall Ships, your militant vegetarian animator Robin Fuller etc. Played well as I recall, went on after both The Pooters and Sunny Day Holy State which was done-in. Had a fun time. This was a very well organised event. Felt very sorry for Kay (Get A Grip) for having to sit on the door all day. Tall Ships were leathered. Holy State care not for parking restrictions:

Shared a joke with The Computers about cleavage. Loaded out. Pissed off.

Two days later we went to Wolverhampton. We realise pissing off from Birmingham only to piss back on to Wolverhampton separated only by one shit sleep and one good sleep is daft but we were supposed to play on the Sunday somewhere. That never happened.

Got to Wolviehamptie to be greeted by three of the best people ever to come from Liverpool; John, Paul and George/Matthew, Ringo and Al. Hot Club De Paris. Heavens, those three men are funny men. Make a decent racket too, listen to that. This was quite a Norwich orientated affair. You've got your us, you've got your Fever Fever and you've got your Holy State (HCDP and Aged Yummy being the exceptions). A lot of people think Holy State are from Leeds because they studied learning there but that's false. They're from Norwich - La La Land, City of Angels, home of the brave. Parked. Up stair load in = no good. Nice door man. Nice venue. Nice people. Lovely promoter with a brilliant Failures' Union t-shirt. Had a lovely time. We played. Carl and Mike thought we were crap. Carl's stuff kept falling over which put him off no end. My guitar amp wasn't loud enough. Couldn't hear anything so singing was probably sub-par. Sorry audience. Didn't see anyone leave though, that's something I like to keep an eye on. Left before Hot Club, we had to work the next day. Our 'Still There At The End Of The Gig' rating on the Top Trumps 'Punk Twats' edition would be -100%. But, you know, Frankie says shit happens and then you relax and marry one.

A few days later we went to Sheffield to play with The 255s, Caves, The Amistad and Good Luck. This is the worst journey ever to make in a car. The A17 sux. Shit services, even that one with the woman who says darling, babes, angel pixie, sweetheart, lovehead or some other affectionate tag at the end of every sentence. She was cool. Here's a message for all you lorry drivers out there getting your kicks overtaking other lorries - DON'T BOTHER. Listened to a George Carlin set on this drive. He did a big bit about poos and farts and whatnot. We're no Blink 182. That stuff was not funny to us. Listened to Rancid.

Got to the concert hall. No one was there. The other groups arrived then Craig arrived about half an hour before doors. It was at this point we knew this would be our sort of gig, this sentiment was only reinforced later when Craig said something along the lines of 'We'll start when people arrive'. Bezzie. Craig and Sam (and others) are Not Shy of the DIY. By name and by naturelol. We hassled them on several occassions to put us on and we wore them down in the end. Thanks dudes. If you live in or are strange enough to be on holiday in Sheffield - go to one of their gigs. They know what they're doing and they think about it, that's for sure. Sam also plays in hit rock group Wooderson who I've since listened to and thoroughly enjoyed. I suggest you do the same. Two of my bezzie m8s eva (who live in Sheffield) came, that was lovely. The 255s played, they were great. First time seeing them. Straight up indie rock. Hopefully we'll resurrect plans to do a weekend together soon. We played. We played the songs well I believe. Presented ourselves well. Mike shined. We enjoyed it, I know that much. Caves played, they too were really great. First time seeing them. Sing-along UK punx. Sadly, heard just one The Amistad song and no Good Luck. Unfortunately, we had to leave early due to work the next day. 'Still There At The End Of The Gig' rating now down to -150%. Nice tea on the way home, but served up by a miserable drongo. I know you're working at night dude but cheer up, the actress said to the Bishop.

That was that. Thanks to all who let us play their events, we loved it!

Our next concert is in Swansea with The Computers. If you live in Swansea and aren't Trev, come:

Pumped about this one. We've been trying play Swansea for ages now and we've finally sorted it. What's that? Yeah, we know it's a long drive but a marathon is long run. At the end of those all you get is a tin foil coat and a Mars bar. At the end of this drive we get a gig.

This is probably our penultimate gig before Carl and Mike take paternity leave from the group. Mike and Michelle are having a girl and Carl and Tasha are having a boy. Please submit baby name ideas to: All entries will be considered. Winning entries will not receive a tin foil coat or a Mars bar.

If anyone sees Sauna Youth anywhere, tell them to sort a weekender with us. They make good sound and are nice men.

Also, if anyone has any pictures of us playing live, we need them. Please send them to:

Many thanks.

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