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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Recording Pt.3

Hello Dreamboats.

So, I just finished my bass parts. This is exciting. Due to the hot heat, I was sweating more than a man from a cold country who's just stepped off of a plane that had landed in a really hot country during a heatwave and hadn't had the time to adjust before being whisked off to his hotel by an angry taxi driver who's been waiting for ages for the man as it was a pre-booking, but the flight was delayed because some idiot in the control tower made a silly error. What a dork. Anyway, hot.

Whilst bassing, I also turned my hand to Flick Football on the eyePhone. My highest score was 77, Carl's is 79 so I'm not winning there. I have managed to three star every level on Angry Birds though, so that's good. Golden Eggs. Geggs.

I've also taken a whole bunch of photos of our beautiful surroundings, which I failed to do last time, so I'll blog the living heck out of those when I get the chance.

It's been really lovely typing at you, angels. I feel like we're really close these days.

Recording Pt.2

So, drums are done.

Carl is doing some single hits for Terry to sell to beatmakers on the internet for a sweet profit.

Carl and I had a fictional falling out. In the interest of time, he wouldn't let me make a cup of tea. No longer will I follow him on Twitter and no longer shall I be his friend on Facebook. However, if he adds me on Friends Reunited in 5 years time, I will consider him.


Terry has no shirt on.

Mike is nearly asleep but is warming up his bass skills by comparing the performance of an iPhone 3GS with an iPhone 4.

Since my last sentence, Mike is now setting his sweet bass rig up so that he has mountains of tone coming out of it.

And so continues the ongoing saga of recording songs with my friends...


PS: Here is a photo of how hot I am at the moment

Recording more songs...


So, here we are at Leeder's Farm, about to start recording some more songs, even though we haven't finished the last lot. That's the global economic downturn, folks. You think you don't have any money to finish something old (like maybe a new business venture with an old friend, like famous dragon, Peter Jones), and then you suddenly get an urge to start off something new (like a collaboration with famous musicians N.E.R.D.).

We'll hopefully do some updates with photographic (and maybe video) evidence throughout the day. Why not read them whilst you're sunning yourself at the beach? That's probably what you'll be doing today.

So friends, I'll leave you with a photo of how hot I currently am, and this is before I even start attempting to play any drums. Luckily, I brought a spare t-shirt to change into, and some deodorant. I didn't bring any water, but I have just made Terry and I a lovely cup of tea.

Your pal,