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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Aunt Bessie 4 Uncle Ben 4 EVA

So, I've just finished packing for our first world tour. We start on Friday in King's Lynn, Norfolk and finish on Saturday in Norwich, Norfolk. It's a pretty gruelling schedule. Unfortunately, we've little free time to absorb the culture of the places we're playing. However, we are travelling in a luxury vehicle with some amazing features, such as: several mirrors, bins built into the floor, see-through windows and a glove compartment full of mini long life milks. We have also obtained three oxygen tanks to sleep in (special thanks to ebayer latoyajackson69. Good comms, prompt delivery, would deal with again A+).

We will have some new merch on the tour, which is cool. Carl has been working around the clock putting together designs for garments for the Autumn collection. Here is a picture I took of him working:

He has been looking at ways to combine iconic cultural symbols with everyday clothing to create something unique that can really inspire young people. Ladies and gentleman, Men's Maison de Couture presents...

The Lumberjoodie.

Taking inspiration from this:

and this:

To create this:

Wow, Carl knows what he's doing and he thinks about it, that's for sure. The Men version has an enormous patch safety pinned on the back with 'Men' in an instinguishable heavy metal font with the words 'Piss Off' underneath. The Lumberjoodie will retail at £161.99. Check it out at the non-existent and totally unnecessary Men paraphernalia centre.

I wish my cat would say something.

We haven't done anything in a while as Carl and Mike are both with-child and are far too busy organising that than to bother themselves with sillyness. We do still have an EP to finish though, hopefully that will be done sooner rather than later but I can see myself still writing that sentence in three years time, about the very same EP.

We're not going to be doing any concerts until March-ish now but will have a bit of a go every once in a while. My project is to use this downtime to start sitting kittens down on an album. THIS IS GOING REALLY WELL. There are maybe seven or eight embryos floating around. Pumped about that. Sure, at the moment they're just ideas but that was all Charles Darwin had when everyone was telling him the world was flat (as if it were a CD or a DVD) and then he discovered America. There's a lesson in that.

Many thanks,