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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Recording Pt.2

So, drums are done.

Carl is doing some single hits for Terry to sell to beatmakers on the internet for a sweet profit.

Carl and I had a fictional falling out. In the interest of time, he wouldn't let me make a cup of tea. No longer will I follow him on Twitter and no longer shall I be his friend on Facebook. However, if he adds me on Friends Reunited in 5 years time, I will consider him.


Terry has no shirt on.

Mike is nearly asleep but is warming up his bass skills by comparing the performance of an iPhone 3GS with an iPhone 4.

Since my last sentence, Mike is now setting his sweet bass rig up so that he has mountains of tone coming out of it.

And so continues the ongoing saga of recording songs with my friends...


PS: Here is a photo of how hot I am at the moment

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